On est tu heureux hen. was founded on a cold February day by Frédérique Laliberté and Sarah L’Hérault. Its astrological sign is Aquarius. On est tu heureux hen. has presented their work in Quebec City, Vanier, Wendake, Montreal, Mexico, Switzerland, in the Sahara desert and on the Internet. For a minimum of fifty years, On est tu heureux hen. is an artist in residency at OscarIndiaRomeo, another collective with which they forms a collective collective. This collective is called The Ohio R and specializes in clandestine explositions. On est tu heureux hen. is maried, succinct, multidisciplinary, dressed, athletic, unruly, honnest and full of sunshine. Originally from Limoilou, they recently relocated due to a threatening alien invasion in a nearby suburb. On est tu heureux hen. holds not one but two masters – the MFA Studio Arts – Intermedia at Concordia University (Montreal) and the MA in Contemporary art practices at Haute École d’Art et de Design (Geneva). They are currently working on Le Désert, a study on the existence of an invisible artwork, a research-creation project which will be the object of On est tu heureux hen.’s first independent film.

On est tu heureux hen. is the victim of a fatal attraction for large enterprises  – risky, dangerous and even impossible, would have said some witnesses. This tendency for adventurous art leads the collective into complex projects which give rise to strange solutions and paradoxical detours. The result is an irreverent but insightful practice, that could not be identified, explained or documented without recourse to arbsurd strategies. Exploring the relations between reality and trickery, between factual events and their fictions, On est tu heureux hen. likes to simulate and extrapolate what is, and what could have been. Their practice takes inconvenient and unusual forms while using processes like oral presentation, cultural mediation, translation, documentary, choreography, digital image manipulation, photo reportage, administrative formalities, public announcement and the manufacture of tunnels. On est tu heureux hen. gradually realizes that they tend to be involved in a never ending problematic, that turns out to be the very sense of their practice and that must be kept a secret at all costs.

On est tu heureux hen. has a mind of its own and a full on website which you can visit by clicking on this button:


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