MOTEL HÉLÈNE is a duo formed by interdisciplinary artist Frédérique Laliberté and musician, improviser and composer Philippe Lauzier.  By assembling methods from their respective domains — and avoiding codes generally associated with them — they invent floating, suggested environments. They collect, transform and manufacture sound and visual elements which they orchestrate through experimental creation. Their aesthetic discourse bears witness to an eclectic collaboration where installation, performance, music and cinema intertwine. Polymorphic worlds are fabricated, transfigured, deconstructed and reconstructed. These ephemeral pieces reveal their own mode of operation through a game of correlation between physical elements and their virtual presence.

Frédérique Laliberté and Philippe Lauzier met during the FIMAV 2014. They work together since 2015 and got maried in 2016. MOTEL HÉLÈNE is a duo who does not waste time. Artists and sailors, Frédérique et Philippe consider things as explorations. Their ghetto blaster costume entirely made from cardboard won a prestigious price in a Halloween party in 2016. MOTEL HÉLÈNE’s projects have been shown at Apo-33 (Nantes, France), Mois Multi (Québec), La Pelouse (Montréal), Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville and at the Xiang Xishi Center for Contemporary Art (Xi’an, China). MOTEL HÉLÈNE lives and works in Montréal.

Here are projects by MOTEL HÉLÈNE :



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