My artistic practice builds itself upon the implementation of experimental, willing and exciting projects. I preconize a multifaceted art that develops into a documentation-challenging interdisciplinary mess. I indulge simultaneously in many miscellaneous, sometimes floating and/or fictitious, activities. My approach is spiritual. I esteem the power of confusion : I believe it is an excellent starting point to think. Adopting a creative attitude based on curiosity, amibition and absurdity, I generate occurences whose final forms are often ambiguous and unsettling for imagination. Conscious of the conceptual value of risk and excessiveness, I extol troubling, unreasonable initiatives, as well as methods that disturb technical and administrative standards.

I use artistic mediums in an offbeat and permeable way. Through a combinaison of digital and hand-made processes, I search for heterogeneous aesthetics and try to emphasize the rareness of things. I like collage, bugs, video, archival, primary school crafts, programmation, jokes, hacking, writing, screenshots, speech, Internet and reuse. I pursue an ethical and philosophical reflexion about accumulation and the use of what already exists. Transfiguration is at the core of my practice because it allows me to create along with the intention to produce nothing.

I am watchful to furtive poetry and to situations that make me WOW. My elastic position enables me to work according to an incusive and malleable process. I am not a specialist. I negociate impermission. I rotate spaces. I make up big events. I am not consise. I push consistency to the extreme when it comes to the unlikely. The projects that emerge from dubious ideas, those spoofing my own exesses and those making the computer confused are the ones that excite me the most.

I work with my friends. Surrounded by systems, conventions, circumstances and concerned about  their precariousness, we aim to illustrate heretical ideas through unbridled initiatives. The collaborations in which I am involved are energetic, reckless, diligent and unusual. Working together allows us to develop a collective and adventurous mind.

I am engaged in an allegorical but critical direction. I invent and activate machines, interfaces and parallel universes which work paradoxically (like the world). I like to put forward things that can not be, complex procedures that end up where there is nothing and the exhausting consideration of all of our acts. I admire those who maintain their practice within elusiveness and vertigo. As I provoke contiguity between the usual and the extraordinary, I tinker the virtual and encode assemblages which are perpetually renewing. I script and perform the construction of my art pieces in ephemeral spaces where casualness and existencial questions are juxtaposed. The art that I love is the one that plays a disruptive role in what is believed impossible, which expands the imaginable.