Conceptual choreography involving performance, writing, video and installation

PPPP revolves around an exhaustive description of the system it is made of. In the form of a performance, taking place in a specific location and divided in four chapters (identified as “the present”), the project tells the story of its own transformation, from its past state of being an idea up to its future state of becoming a video. Each time a chapter is being performed, it is filmed and then transferred onto one of four TVs. These monitors are part of a setup that is simultaneously hosting the performance and being constructed by it. This installation remains in constant progress for the entire length of the exhibition that follows, as the artist takes on the task of adding daily layers of digital postproduction to the video documentation of the performance. In turn, each of the four videos playing in the installation is replaced by newer (and better ?) versions of itself. The documentation and the artifacts that are presented to the exhibition viewers are not, thus, reliable sources of information about the earlier stages of the project, because they keep being modified as time goes by. The internal logic of the project makes it impossible to view as a whole.



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project description in one sentence : coming up !