The Miniature Museum of Upside Down Art is located in the ceiling my studio. The structure of the museum is a constraint, but also a creative starting point : as its name points out, the museum is miniature and upside down. As the discoverer of the MMUDA MMAAL and its self-proclaimed director, I carry the museum’s sense in my own imagination. Since January 2017, I organise exhibitions and special events in the museum. Other tasks include making papier maché miniature visitors to constitute a public, printing and managing our currency, the Canadian Miniature Dollar (CAMD), hiring gardeners, architects, painters and other experts to improve the museum’s appearance and updating the museum’s Website. Grabbing every opportunity to implement this alternative institution into the physical world, I am convinced that art spaces are everywhere to be found. I will soon leave my director position at Concordia’s VA-216 and establish new MMUDA MMAAL branches in other locations around the world.

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