art book . 40 pages . French & English . 150 copies . 2020
published by the FOFA Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal
precedes the exhibition Un lieu vide où il ne se passe rien

Un lieu vide anticipé (this book) is an endeavor to foresee the interiors as precisely as possible. To picture them exhaustively before being able to set them up in space really. A practice of anticipation. Un lieu vide où il ne se passe rien (the exhibition) was activated (visualized), known, before it actually unfolded for a very short time in real life.

This project was achieved with the generous support of the Claudine & Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation and the expertise of :

Philippe Internoscia . design
Sarah L’Hérault . text revision
Le groupe Quadriscan . printing
Laura Shevchenko (La Fille du Relieur & Smiths Falls Bookbinding) . binding and finishing