The Ohio R is the fruit of the asexual union of On est tu heureux hen. and Oscar India Romeo. As such, it is a collective of collectives. In other words :

On est tu heureux hen. + Oscar India Romeo = The Ohior R

Recent aggregation of collective collossal (snack) “The Ohio R”. It was by the birth of a residence of 50 years (renewable) (renewed) that they finally decided to renew it. Two prolific artists from Quebec support them. These artists have artistic approaches. The latter are concerned by all the worrying subjects such equalization (avant-garde) and slums. Have you ever seen the plastic bottles full of water on the ceiling so that they let the light into the favelas?

Precursors of a biker (motorcycle) new cultural genre. The Ohio R is not afraid to put dots at the end of sentences devoid of verb. Also not afraid to rely on Google Translate for this translation. But these are not their only talents. Their other talents are: cardboard, papier mâche pigs, underwater, 3D (all 3D there), being playful, radicalism, logo design, oceanography, oscillation, precarious constructions, explosions, imitation of chainsaw, (parentheses), sexuality. They are artists beyond all doubt. Their agent, Cheryl Dupont sponsors them (of the verb to sponsor (spores (sports))).

Pour information : Cheryl Dupont | 581 701 1461 |

Here are projects by The Ohio R :