Un lieu vide où il ne se passe rien

upcoming solo exhibition at FOFA Gallery

Isn’t there something wavy about this wall?

Outside, something that sounds and looks like a storm. Here, images are displayed as accounts of things which are taking place here.

Here is an exhibition but it is an installation but it is a decoration but if something was taking place here one could think this place as a theatre set. An interior that is better to be wary of.

L’aval d’un futur

image : Guillaume Pascale

with Alexandre Bérubé and Guillaume Pascale

upcoming exhibition and publication in 2021

“Laval. My city … my future! “. Here as elsewhere, urban planning takes charge of our becomings and flattens away any projections of chance. Providing a turnkey future in a controlled and secure environment seems in all good faith to be the major concern of contemporary cities thinkers. But if these projects promise a bright future for its occupants, are they livable beyond the plan? What happens to these futures once the plan is executed? Do they have a future? Do they resist the present?

farine + eau


one-woman & one-sourdough documentary comedy show

What do humans eat? What do humans build? What shapes the interdependent cycles in which these practices are embedded?  Bread (the food) and paper-mâché (the building material) are the protagonists of an investigation based on experimental conversations, infiltrated by science fiction and punctuated by kneading objects that are sometimes edible, sometimes not at all.