Boris Dumesnil-Poulin and Frédérique Laliberté are friends playing together as part of several collective projects since 2013. As Rocket Team Team Rocket, they provide artistic, academic and technical support taking miscellaneous forms such as websites, cooking shows, DJ sets, softwares, stamp handles, jingles, research clusters  and experimental theatre stuff. Their project Noël sous les lasers is (was (will be)) an annual multidisciplinary saga, involving dozens of participants, that has been presented as musicals, online news station, film, neglected LARP, songs and live-streamed photo-radio-novel. In 2013, Frédérique and Boris ran an alternative unit for creation, diffusion and curatorship in survival mode called Corrida B Bang, occupying an unused corridor in a cultural building in Quebec City. WithThe Ohio R (the asexual union of collectives OscarIndiaRomeo and On est tu heureux hen.), they joyfully and non-anonymously hack art spaces, websites and events. In 2016, Boris and Fred spent a week in a Mile-End basement making helmets designed for an enhanced exploration of that basement, a futile enterprise indeed. Laliberté and Dumesnil-Poulin recently co-taught the Integrated Studio in Contemporary Art (ARTX) 280 course at Concordia University, where they also hold the invisible Studio Arts chair position. As urban planners, their most prolific accomplishment to date is New Rocket, a town for everyone. Over the years, they have created and shared studio spaces such as 🐎, Rodrigue Rodrigue Rodrigue Rodrigue Rodrigue Rodrigue Rodrigue Rodrigue, entermedia and La pelouse. Boris and Fred work as a team because it’s fun.